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Take part in the KCOM Internet Inventor activity


It’s a hands-on, educational activity in which pupils plan and construct their own scale model of KCOM’s Lightstream fibre broadband network on a Google Earth floor map of Hull.

How long does a session last?

One hour. We talk to the pupils about how internet technology has evolved and then brief them on the challenge before letting them take it on. There is also a debrief session at the end where our senior engineer will evaluate the networks the pupils have built.

What are the learning objectives?

To educate pupils on the processes involved in planning and building a communications network and learn how our engineering team work around obstacles such as bridges, rivers, railway lines and gaining planning permission.

Who delivers the session?

KCOM volunteers. Each session has a lead volunteer, usually one of our senior fibre engineers. We provide three more volunteers to support the pupils during the activity.

Which age group is it aimed at?

The activity works with pupils in all years at secondary school. It can also be adapted to work with students who are in their first year of further education at college or sixth form.

How many children can be involved in a session?

The optimum number is 20 as the pupils are split into four teams with each team being allocated a quarter of the floor map to work in. It can work with less than 20 pupils, but not with more.

Is the challenge available to any school/college?

Yes, if your school is in the KCOM service area (HU1-HU17 and YO43 postcodes).

How much floor space is required?

We always like to use the school hall (or a similarly sized area) if possible as the floor map is very large!

Does the school need to provide any equipment?

No. We bring everything we need with us.

What is the cost to the school?

There is no cost to the school – we will bring Internet Inventor to your school/college free of charge.

Hear from other schools that have taken part in the Internet Inventor activity

Catherine Jones, Vice Principal at Ashwell Academy, said:

“Once again KCOM came into school with their Internet Inventor activity which really engaged our students. KCOM really put students at the heart of what they do and their level of commitment to education in Hull is admirable.

Ashwell Academy students really get a lot out of the activity which is hands-on and brings learning to life. We look forward to more educational activities and projects from KCOM in the future.”

Ben Wallis, Assistant Principal at Wilberforce College, said:

“I’d like to thank KCOM for providing this invaluable opportunity for our students to experience the world of work in such an innovative and interesting way. It included useful preparation for the workplace together with key information about job roles and careers in the telecommunications industry.”

Use the link below to register your interest in taking part in the Internet Inventor activity.

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