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The gamers are happy at Clare’s thanks to Lightstream


With three teenagers in the house, Clare Webster’s broadband needs to be up to the task.

That’s why she opted for Lightstream full fibre broadband with enough speed and unlimited data to cope with all the gaming and streaming demands her family puts on it.

Unlike ADSL broadband, which uses copper wires to carry broadband signals, full fibre Lightstream delivers the internet at ultrafast speeds straight to your router using fibre optic cables.

“We were chomping at the bit to get it,” says IT professional Clare, of Hull.

“We’ve always done a lot of gaming and streaming online – and I’m quite techy – so we always wanted the best broadband we could get.

 “We did notice the difference straight away. It’s a good service and it’s noticeably quicker than the old ADSL broadband.”

Combining 200Mbps speeds with unlimited data means Clare can catch up on her work emails and watch TV streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime while her teenage sons are busy playing on the Xbox upstairs – without it slowing down.

She said: “I’d definitely recommend Lightstream because it’s definitely a better service. It doesn’t drop out, it’s more stable and more reliable.”

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