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There be dragons (and Vikings) in KCOM’s Young Writers Competition


The action’s hotting up as dragons, unicorns and Vikings are all preparing for war in KCOM’s Young Writers Competition.

The latest instalment comes from the imagination of seven-year-old Williams Ogiemwonyi, a pupil at Craven Primary Academy, east Hull, who has penned an imaginative chapter which finds our hero Tom making friends with magical unicorns but in the middle of a war with some rather unsavoury dragons and Viking warriors.

Williams, who says he loves writing stories, now takes home a Kindle Fire HD and Amazon book tokens as his winner’s prize.

He said: “I’m really proud of myself. I never knew I was going to win but it’s just wonderful.

“But it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun writing and I really enjoyed it.”

Williams, who wants to be an engineer when he leaves school, said he was inspired to write his story by thinking about magical creatures.

As well as teaming up with some friendly unicorns, Tom also finds a magical zoo filled with all-manner of mythical beasts who will no doubt help in the battle to come.

Williams, said: “I wanted it to be a brave and crazy story. I imagined there had been a war before and the unicorns had won so now the dragons were coming back for revenge.”

As the fourth weekly winner of KCOM’s Story Writing Competition, Williams will see his words transformed into an animation and book which will be debuted at the 2017 Freedom Festival.

And with three weeks still left to go, there are still three more chances for other youngsters to enter and win a Kindle Fire HD of their own.

Even if they don’t scoop the first prize, every child who enters will receive a collector’s K6 cream phone box key ring.

To see the latest instalment and for details of how to get involved visit www.kcomhome.com/storyteller

Williams’ chapter

Tom found a magic powered glittery unicorn. Then that one unicorn split into two unicorns. Tom was shocked and excited to see them but then an army of dragons and Vikings came for war.

The unicorns won, the leader was angry but the unicorns weren't scared. They spread their wings and flew. Tom was anxious and ran off.

He came across a magical zoo and had a great idea. He opened all of the cages and rounded up the magical animals. He took them all for battle with the Unicorns, he was proud of his plan.

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