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Wilberforce students spend a day in the life of a telecoms engineer


Students at Wilberforce College recently spent a day in the life of a telecoms engineer as they took part in a hands-on educational module about the internet.

After being given a brief history of how internet technology has evolved, the students were tasked with planning and constructing their own scale model of KCOM’s Lightstream fibre broadband network.

The students, all of whom are studying IT at BTEC level, were divided into teams and worked together to ensure that everything went smoothly in both the planning and construction stages of the module.

Ben Wallis, Vice Principal at Wilberforce College, commented:

“I’d like to thank KCOM for providing this invaluable opportunity for our students to experience the world of work in such an innovative and interesting way. It included useful preparation for the work place together with key information about job roles and careers in the telecommunications industry.’  

KCOM Community Coordinator, Brendon Smurthwaite, added:

“The Internet Inventor module is a real hands-on activity and the students at Wilberforce were engaged in it from the outset.

“They were presented with various problems when planning their fibre network and used teamwork to come up with the right solutions.”

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