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You can’t beat Lightstream broadband - but don’t just take our word for it


 Read the compliments we've recently received from our customers

Full fibre broadband is a hot topic at the moment, with new Prime Minister Boris Johnson promising to accelerate its rollout across the UK. Meanwhile people in Hull may be forgiven for asking ‘what’s all the fuss about?’

While the rest of the UK eyes the arrival of full fibre by 2025, at the earliest, KCOM’s full fibre network across our region is already complete.

This is compared to just eight per cent of the rest of the country.

So, as other parts of the UK wallow in the broadband speed doldrums, Hull and East Yorkshire are enjoying ultrafast speeds of up to 900Mbps and reliable, world-class connectivity.

But don’t just take KCOM’s word for it. Here’s what some of our customers are saying on Facebook about their Lightstream service.


“Lightstream is great where I am.” - Andy

“We pay £46 for unlimited Lightstream. It's fantastic. Had it for three years and never had a single problem.” - Natalie

“We run three Xboxes all gaming online, three iPads streaming YouTube, a Fire TV Stick and mobile phones all at the same time. Never had a glitch.” - Kerry

“Only ever had one issue with our Lightstream and it was sorted over the phone within five minutes of reporting it! Well worth the money IMO.” - Sally

“Have Lightstream, use for loads of things, including online gaming, not had any problems.” - Kirsty

“I was dubious about Lightstream but it’s so much better than I thought TBH.” - Carly

“I can download a very large film or video game in a matter of minutes on Lightstream, before that it would take hours if not days.” - James

“There is no better in Hull or the U.K. if you have fibre. 400mbps here.” - Ben

“I'll be honest, pay for Lightstream if it is in your area. We had (another provider) before and my teenage sons did nothing but moan about it. Since having Lightstream fitted they don’t grumble.

“We have two PCs running online games plus we stream most of the TV we watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime and have no issues at all.” - James

“I switched to KCOM and it’s brilliant.” - Danny

“Lightstream is a lot better than people would have you believe. It's also about the same price now.” - Jon

“Were on the 250Mbps package and it works a treat, no issues. We've cancelled our sky subscription since getting it and just download/stream now.” - James

“KCOM is the best around here, (if you’ve got a problem) call them up it’s more likely your router, they will give you another updated one free of charge.” - Dan

“No problems at all with my light stream, even connects in the garden!” - Nick

To find out how Lightstream could revolutionise your broadband experience call 01482 602555 or click here

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