An awesome autumn with Lightstream


The kids are back at school, cold weather is on its way and the days are getting shorter.

Whether you’re still pining for the long, hot days of summer or ready to embrace falling leaves and cosy nights-in, the internet can make family life run more smoothly.

And with Lightstream, you’ll get our best internet from just £26 a month for the important stuff, like the weekly online grocery shop or catching-up with friends and family on social.

It’s also just as reliable for the not-so-important stuff, like videos of dogs on skateboards and trying to spot a panda in a sea of snowmen.

We’ve put together our top tips to show how all the benefits of Lightstream can add up to one awesome autumn.


Homework helper

What’s the capital of Egypt? How about the chemical name for salt? Which colours do you mix to make green?

These are just some of the questions that could be fired in the direction of parents trying their best to help kids with their homework. 

It’s impossible to know everything so why not use the internet to find the answer together?

This will help your children learn valuable skills such using a keyboard and mouse and finding dependable sources of information.

It’s also an opportunity to talk about using the internet appropriately and staying safe online.

Some of our favourite online learning sites for youngsters are Horrible Histories, where gory games will get youngsters interested in the past, fun maths games and activities with the Oxford Owl and the Science Musuem’s collection of brain-teasing puzzles and apps.

Lightstream offers our newest way to choose from KCOM using Pick and Mix.

It means you can select the sweetest speed for you, so you won’t be left waiting for answers.


The best seats in the house

Hygge has been huge lately and we’re ready to indulge once again in this Danish concept of contentment that’s perfect for chilled nights in.

Never heard of it? It’s all about connecting with life’s simple pleasures and is particularly associated with snuggling down during the colder months.

That’s doesn’t mean staring at a screen for hours but there are ways the internet can help you hit hygge perfection.

No roaring fire to get cosy in front of? There are an amazing range of virtual fireplace videos online including this one, complete with crackling log sound effects. 

It won’t keep you warm and toasty like the real thing, but they are surprisingly effective for creating a nice atmosphere.

We also recommend a dose of ‘slow tv’ to keep things nice and relaxed. Said to have originated in Norway, this is where an activity is filmed in real time and in its entirety.

Try this train ride from Bergen to Oslo on Netflix, for seven blissed-out hours of gorgeous scenery.

It’s an epic download but with Pick and Mix and Lightstream, you can choose your own data, so you don’t chew up your allowance before the journey’s end.

For more information on Lightstream and our new Pick and Mix packages, visit



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