School summer holiday boredom savers


Connect to Lightstream now and enjoy free activation for a limited time – saving you up to £50 – so you can get on with a fun-filled family summer straightaway.

Keeping the kids entertained over the school summer holidays can be challenge but with Lightstream, there’s no excuse for your youngsters to be bored.

Lightstream is our fastest, most reliable internet. It doesn’t slow down at peak times and with faster speeds than standard copper broadband, you can say bye-bye to buffering.

Connect to Lightstream now and enjoy free activation for a limited time – saving you up to £50 – so you can get on with a fun-filled family summer straightaway.

And with Lightstream, you can build a package that suits you, so you only pay for the internet you need.

Here’s how our best internet can supercharge your summer

Fuss-free movie nights 

Whether you’ve enjoyed being out in the sun or stayed cooped-up inside because of rain, relaxing in front of a film is a great way to end the day.

With our ‘Everything’ package, you’ll get super quick speeds, so the movie of your choice will be ready to download, or stream faster than you can say ‘action!’.

This package also offers unlimited data, so you can keep up with new releases or return to the old classics.

Everyone can enjoy being online at the same time meaning you could even choose to pop a kids’ film on Netflix for the youngsters while you catch-up on some work or order the next supermarket shop online.

Learn through play 

Getting your kids to do their homework over the summer holidays might take some persuading but there is a raft of resources available on the internet which can help make learning fun.

Travel into space with the excellent Nasa Kids’ Club where there are inspiring games, challenges and activities.

Back down on Earth, National Geographic Kids has news, quizzes and competitions and ‘cool kids’ from around the world can even submit their own reports for publication online.

Have children who love the computer but want to get them more active? The NHS is running a Train Like a Jedi programme all summer.

Inspired by everyone’s favourite Star Wars characters, the aim is to get kids moving by mastering Jedi moves with play along videos.

A new video is released every week so why not set a family challenge to complete them all?

Our ‘Everyday’ package is a popular choice for families and comes with Lightstream speediness and plenty of data.

Stay in touch on social  

If you have older children who are missing their mates this summer, our ‘Essential’ package can help them stay in touch.

You can make sure they save their mobile data for when they really need it by using Lightstream at home when they are messaging friends online on their phones.

For younger children, you can get mobiles which allow you to screen messages before they are received or sent to keep them safe online.

Or why not keep loved ones up to date with your summer as a family? Post pictures on social or send a message with photos of what you’ve been up to.

Remember to treat yourselves with the cash you’ve saved on activation too. Put it towards a takeaway, day out or new gadget to round off the holidays nicely.

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