Why a Lightstream connection is better than using up your mobile data

Whether you’re into Netflix binges or browsing blogs, if you’re using your phone to get online, there could be a better way of doing things.

No two internet users are the same, and neither are their internet habits. That’s why different ways of getting online work well for different people. Whether you’re into Netflix binges or browsing blogs, if you’re using your phone to get online, there could be a better way of doing things.


Using your mobile to get online? 


It’s portable

It’s good for on the go browsing. On the train, in the car or waiting for a bus? Your phone can be a great source of information when you’re on the move. It’s light, it’s small and it fits right in your hand. Let’s just hope that battery lasts until you’re back home.


At the beginning of this year, there were more than 5 million apps available on Google Play and The App store. While you obviously couldn’t fit that many into your 32GB iPhone, there are a few we simply couldn’t live without. Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make social media fun, accessible, and much less complicated than it can be on a desktop computer or laptop.   


Data usage

Most phone contracts come with a limited amount of data, and whether yours is high or low, it can be easy to use up. Streaming video or audio content is one of the biggest culprits of data consumption, so if you’re watching Netflix without a Wi-Fi connection, you better limit those Friends episodes to one per day. 

Mobile data can be expensive

If you do use up all your data, buying more can be expensive. Companies tend to charge around £8 for an extra 1GB. If you’re watching videos or downloading apps, it’s easy to use that up again and be back where you started – with no more data.


Depending on where you are, whether you can get a good signal or not, and whether you’re in a 4G-ready area, loading speeds on mobile can be super slow. Bored of buffering? It might be time to switch to broadband.


Why Lightstream is better

More data

With more data at a better price, Lightstream means you can do more of the stuff you like online and hang onto your precious data for when you need it most.  Whether you’re on the web for work or play, why let data limits hold you back?


Connecting to the internet via broadband is way more reliable than using a mobile connection. Lightstream technology means no slowing down at busy times and you’re less likely to lose signal.

It’s ultrafast

While a standard broadband connection is likely faster than a mobile one, Lightstream goes much faster than that. If you’re watching Netflix or scrolling social media, you won’t have to waste any time waiting.

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