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If you’re a couple who are setting-up a home together, sorting out good internet access is often one of the first things on your moving-in to-do list.

With Lightstream, you’ll get our best internet from just £26 a month. And, with our new Pick and Mix packages, you can choose how fast you want your connection to be and how much data you need.

If you work from home or love to game, you can get our quickest speeds. And if you love to live your life online, you can go unlimited, so you never run out of data. You can also add extras like calls or care if you want them or leave them if you don’t. It’s a bit like moving into your own space, you can decide how you want it to be.

That’s why we’ve come up with our guide to the best places on the web that can help you design your perfect pad. They’re just a useful if you’re a couple who have been living together for years so like our Pick and Mix deals, you don’t need to have moved-in recently to take advantage of them.


Style Inspo

Being able to put your own stamp on a place is one of the great joys of getting a home of your own. Whatever your plans or budget, there is some great advice online.

The Houzz website is brilliant for bigger projects, offering inspiration for everything including full-renovations, major extensions and landscaping. It also has a portal for finding professionals near you and photos of real-life projects to help you decide on your own look.

If you’re more interested in decorating than a total redesign, Dulux has a large number of articles on painting which can be selected by the colour of your choice. There are even tips on painting techniques and step-by-step guides to creating effects.

Home furniture behemoth Ikea is another place to get ideas and offers plenty of budget-friendly options. Check-out articles on getting organised, open-plan living, storage, lighting and more without having to leave your sofa.

As decorating can sometimes be stressful, we also recommend reading a few blogs by people sharing their own design highs and lows. They might give you the motivation you need to keep going and could help you avoid making the mistakes they made. We like Fifi McGee’s story of a 1930s semi renovation and Little House on the Corner written by Christine and Jan, dubbed the ‘dynamic duo’ of DIY.


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