eSports round-up 21/02/18


For all you gamers out there, we’ve rustled up the top five news stories from eSports in the UK.

Information on Operation Chimera is unveiled

Ubisoft recently revealed that they will be including new operators and an Outbreak game mode in the next Operation Chimera update, after a teaser trailer showed off two new characters: Finka and Lion.

Finka is a female Russian with several desirable capabilities. Her primary weapons are the 6P41 LMG and the SASG automatic shotgun. Thrillingly, Ubisoft has created a brand new weapon for Finka - the Spear .308, a powerful assault rifle.

Meanwhile, Lion holds three different weapon styles, the V308 SMG, a 417 Marksman rifle, and the SG-CQB. He also uses a static drone that can spot moving defenders. 

Red Bull Sponsors British eSports athlete

UK eSports player Ryan Pessoa has been signed by Red Bull and become the energy drink brand’s first grassroots athlete from the UK.

He joins fellow Brits Bradley Smith and Andrew Cotton, as well as Olivier “Luffy” Hay and Daigo Umehara.

In other news, Red Bull has just opened the doors to its first Gaming Sphere. The Tokyo-based centre is the first of many that we could see pop up, especially in London.


London Spitfire’s new team listings

London Spitfire, Overwatch League Stage 1 champions, announce their Contenders team roster, which includes three players from the UK. Fusions, Kyb and FunnyAstro join Hafficool, Kragie, CrusaDe, Tactic, Izzy and Bock1.

“The plan for the first Contenders team was always to go and find the best players and the best team we could find,” Paul Chaloner, MD of Code Red Esports, told Esports News UK.


High turn out for British Esports Championships

The pilot competition for schools and colleges across the UK is well underway and there are 16 establishments taking part. The new map, created by BEC, shows individuals and groups already signed up and prepared for the full championships in September.

The teams stretch from Sunderland in the North East to Truro in Cornwall and even reach Northern Ireland. See the map here.


Awards Ceremony for UK athletes announced

The UK Esports Awards will take place later this year thanks to a collaboration between Esports News UK and UKCSGO. Penciled in for spring 2018, it is to be live-streamed for all to see. The inclusive event is an exciting way to meet fellow members of the eSports community, as well as celebrate the achievements of UK athletes.

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