eSports roundup 05/04/18


This time of year is always busy for eSports. We’ve rounded up the hottest five stories for you to catch up on.

UK’s only representative eliminated from Twitch’s streamer talent show

Matt Glanfield, aka GlanFM has been voted out of Britain’s Got Talent-inspired show, Stream On. The Twitch competition was announced back in December 2017 with the winner promised $5,000 a month for a whole year. The participants have to take part in a series of activities each week and are judged on their personality, entertainment value and potential.

Unfortunately, Matt has now been eliminated. However, the fascinating game continues with some popular international players to follow.


NUEL Live 2018 kicks off at the end of this month

From Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 April, the brand new Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Shoreditch will be filled with talented teams as they go head-to-head to take home the triumphant titles for Overwatch, CS:GO and League of Legends.

Excitingly, the players get to use high-end PCs that have been specially kitted out with the latest tech. Keep a close eye on the NUEL website, as they’re going to be announcing some special guests and events over the next few weeks.


ExceL Esports champion over Diabolus

The League of Legends Spring 2018 UK Masters tournament final saw ExceL defeat Diabolus 3-1 after successfully conquering the team three games in a row. Whilst Diabolus started out strong, beating ExceL in the first match, it was all downhill from there for the Manchester-based gamers.


First European Masters LOL Finals to be held in Leicester

The recently restyled European League of Legends tournament has announced the Leicester Haymarket Theatre as the home for its semi and grand finals later this month.

The venue, which has also been recently renovated, has a capacity of 900 and promises to be the perfect spot for the 26 teams from across the continent that will compete for the €150,000 prize. It’s set to be an awesome event.


Twitch set to expand its student engagement

In February, the Twitch Student Program was initially rolled out, with five British universities benefiting from the scheme. These included Keele, Warwick, Salford, De Montford and Manchester. The teams from these schools worked tirelessly alongside their studies to produce over nine hours of content and build a brand to represent their organisations.

All of the institutes have now reached Level Two, which enables the channels to become Twitch Partners, generating revenue from subscribers and adverts.

At the end of April, Twitch is going to be selecting another five universities. Could this be you? Find out on the NUEL website.

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