The best new game releases for April


With the thrilling news that Spyro the Dragon is returning later this year, plus new releases of games like God of War and Battletech, it’s a wonderful month to be a gamer.

We’ve rounded up five games that we’re most excited for this April. 




First up, Extinction (available from Tuesday 10 April) allows you to battle fierce ogres as you become Avil, an experienced soldier whose duty it is to defend the planet from an army of monsters.

These bloodthirsty creatures, officially known as Ravenii, stand a whopping 150 feet tall and are determined to destroy the human race. As they swarm across the countryside, attacking villages, cities and towns, you must protect your people from extinction.


God of War

The third-person action adventure game is set to take the world by storm yet again on Friday 20 April. This time, immortal demigod Kratos has returned with his son, as he navigates the unknown and dangerous realms of Norse mythology.

The game was first released in 2005 and takes heavy inspiration from ancient legend. The latest instalment promises a deeper dive into the emotional journey of Kratos as he tackles the powerful forces that have threatened his new life and his family.



Arriving on Wednesday 25 April, Sinner revolves around Adam, a fallen soldier who is on a mission to atone his sins. Players must face eight labours, the first seven based on each of the deadly sins.

As Adam embarks on this mission to save his soul, it’ll only get harder for him until he reaches the end of his journey. Each decision you make in battle decides his ultimate fate.

Sinner is an interesting take on the classic roleplaying game genre.



Jump forward in time to 3025 with Battletech, which hits the shelves on Monday 30 April. The whole galaxy is stuck in a murderous cycle of brutal civil war. Noble houses that have created massive mechanised combat vehicles, also known as BattleMechs, continuously struggle for power whilst everyone else is trying to stay alive.

Gamers can join in with the interstellar conflict as they become commanders of their own mercenary troops, negotiate contracts with feudal lords and maintain fleets of BattleMechs.



Whilst this isn’t available until late September 2018, we just can’t wait to see this little purple dragon back on our screens. If you don’t know already, the trailer for the first iteration of the new Spyro Reignited Trilogy was unveiled on Thursday 5 April.

We’ve loved following the fun adventures of this fire-breathing fellow ever since the game was first introduced in 1998. Soon we’ll get to see all of our favourite characters brought back to life.

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