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A beginner's guide to McAfee Security


We’ve taken a look at some of its features to help you decide whether it’s the right virus protection for you

Having security settings in place for your tech devices is a must, and there are tons of different virus protection options out there for you to choose from. One of the most popular choices is McAfee, so we’ve taken a look at some of its features to help you decide whether it’s the right virus protection for your requirements.


Protecting your files
Two of the most popular McAfee packages, McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Total Protection, are each equipped with a digital file shredder. This destroys selected files so that they can’t be recovered by anyone in the future. There’s also a cloud backup storage feature, allowing you to save your most important files away from your computer in case anything happens to it.


Parental controls for family safety
If you’ve got young children in your household, McAfee’s parental controls are highly adept at preventing inappropriate content from popping up where it shouldn’t. You also have the ability to set time restrictions on your kids’ devices to make sure they’re not scrolling 24/7, which is great if you’re struggling to get them away from technology prior to bedtime.

Both main McAfee security packages are compatible with Android and iOS devices, meaning you can use the parental controls on your children’s mobiles and tablets to keep them safe even when they’re out of the house.


Searching the internet
When using search engines such as Google or Yahoo, McAfee helpfully places an icon next to the results so that you can easily see which sites are safe to visit, and which ones you should probably avoid. This feature is instrumental in making sure you don’t accidentally click through to any websites that might be able to access sensitive information, infect your device with annoying viruses, or bombard you with irritating popups.


Looking after your important information
Another great thing about McAfee Total Protection is that it includes a variety of safe banking tools to help keep your passwords and personal details secure. This means you can safely shop, transfer money and pay your bills online without the worry of spybots or other internet hackers being able to see and swipe your information.

McAfee’s password manager is also a huge bonus, as it shields your username and password from view while you log into your online accounts, ensuring that no one peeking over your shoulder can see your info.


Is it worth it?
Overall, McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Total Protection are excellent when it comes to protecting you and your family online, whether you’re using a tablet, laptop, computer or phone. Both programmes are easy to install, and you can opt to try out a free trial before you purchase a full subscription to see if they work for you.


A year of McAfee Livesafe protection costs £89.99 for an unlimited amount of devices, whereas McAfee Total Protection is currently on offer at £44.99 for up to ten devices.

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