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If you’re a keen blogger or writer, someone who wants to get involved in the hobby, or you’re just looking for advice on something relative to your area, Hull is full of creative talents who offer you exactly what you need. There are a few digital groups and websites in place that allow you to search for local content creators to get involved with, so we’ve listed a few of these communities below to help you get started.


HEY Bloggers

HEY Bloggers is a collective network of blog writers based in Hull and East Yorkshire. Whether you’re looking for blogs on lifestyle or beauty, fashion or food, HEY Bloggers is certain to lead you to an account that offers everything you need.

Since the community’s first meet-up back in March 2014, the number of successful events featuring brands far and wide has grown exponentially, leading them to work with a number of local retailers.

HEY Bloggers are very active on social media, so simply search for them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they’ll pop up right away. You can then find out how to get involved and take a browse through all of the bloggers who already take part.


Hull Writing Group

The Hull Writing Group prides itself on being open to anyone who shares an interest in putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard). Whether you’re a renowned novelist or a newbie who has never written creatively before, you’re more than welcome to attend an event and take part in the online forum.

The community offers users a relaxed platform to discuss several writing styles, share advice and ideas, and give readings of something you're working on. Critique is welcome as long as it’s constructive and with the aim of helping participants to grow and improve.

The next event that the team behind Hull Writing Group has planned is at C4DI on Tuesday 5th February, which is an opportunity for local writers to get together to produce some content, with optional feedback sessions. Details of all of their upcoming events can be found on Meetup.



Though it’s a worldwide phenomenon that takes place once a year, the planning that goes into NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) extends far beyond November, and getting in touch with locals who are partaking in the challenge is a great way to get inspiration to create your own work. Regular meetups allow you to collaborate with other authors to edit and plan your novels together, reminisce about the month, or just prepare for the challenge of the year ahead.

One of the closest NaNoWriMo meetups last year was in York, where many novelists from the region (including a few from Hull and East Yorkshire) got together to celebrate finishing their work. There’s still a while to go before NaNoWriMo 2019 kicks off, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their website to check for any local events that you might want to attend.

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