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Excitement builds as Fortnite Season Seven prepares for launch


KCOM is ready for the launch of Season Seven, are you?

Legions of Hull gamers are gearing up for battle as the new season of Fortnite launches tomorrow.

One Fortnite veteran who will be definitely joining the massed ranks of combatants when Season Seven arrives is Hull’s own online warrior Victor Clubley.

Former soldier Victor, 72, who goes by the online pseudonym of Colonel Bling when he’s taking on all comers in Tilted Towers, may be Hull’s most famous Fortnite player – but thousands more are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of the world conquering Battle Royale game.

And gamers on KCOM’s “Hulltrafast” broadband will be among those able to experience the new season in all its glory thanks to the speed and reliability of KCOM’s full fibre technology.

When Fortnite Season Six launched in September KCOM’s network saw a huge surge in traffic as youngsters arrived home from school and rushed to play the game.

The network saw an extra 20 Gigabits per second of traffic as gamers logged on to their consoles to update the game – that’s the data equivalent of streaming 40 hours of catch-up TV every second or downloading 4,000 extra songs every second on top of normal network usage.

Luckily, KCOM’s future-proofed full fibre network coped easily with the traffic spike, enabling thousands of gamers to run riot on the Fortnite island without any buffering or lagging.

But with the best broadband in place to make the most of Fortnite, what delights will Season Seven hold for fans?

Will the new season be able to come up with anything to match Season Six’s in-game pets, custom skins or, who can forget, Kevin the exploding Cube?

No-one knows. The game’s makers Epic have been typically tight lipped about Season Seven’s innovations but we’ll find out soon enough.

For more details about KCOM’s Hulltrafast broadband that is ideal for gaming click here.

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