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Five 360 videos that you really must see


Here are our top five

We’ve scoured YouTube’s vast selection of 360-degree videos to find you some of the most daredevil viewing. Here are our top five favourites – don’t forget to move your phone around to get the full experience.


Cliff Diving from a Rocky Ledge in Italy by Red Bull

One of the best things about 360 video technology is that it allows us to live out our fantasies of doing wild and crazy stunts without actually having to leave the sofa. This video by Red Bull is a perfect example.

Filmed on a camera strapped to Kyle Mitrione from the US Cliff Diving Team, watching this footage makes you feel like you’re jumping off this dangerous precipice in Italy as part of the 2017 Cliff Diving World Series. Luckily, the video dives right in without including the knee-knocking nerves that came beforehand.

Watch the thrilling video here.


Lions by National Geographic

Nature is incredible, but there are parts of it that you’re likely to never witness in real life. Fortunately, National Geographic has found a way to get you close to the wonders of the day in the life of a lion without putting you in any danger.

This video follows a young lion cub named Gibson and his mother as they find themselves in a bit of a hostile situation with their pride’s alpha male.

Check out Gibson’s day here.


What Happens Inside Your Body? by Bright Side

This animation takes you on a journey inside your own body, highlighting the weird and wonderful ways everything inside you functions to keep you alive.

Covering everything from your circulatory system to the inner workings of your brain, this 8-minute clip is great for taking a glimpse inside the unique machine that is your body.

Click here to take a trip through the human body.


Rome: A Guided City Tour by VR Gorilla

If you’re craving a holiday but you don’t have the cash, maybe this video from VR Gorilla will satisfy you enough for now (or give you some ideas for your next trip). Join Daan and his girlfriend Eske as they sample the delights of Rome on a guided city tour in the sun.

Take a trip through one of the most historical and culturally rich cities in the world here.


Hull Fair 2017 by Danter Attractions Air

This video is a little closer to home than the rest, which may make it even more exciting because it’s so familiar.

Taken on one of the wild rides set up at Hull Fair back in 2017, this clip shows you all of the fun of the fair from someone else’s point of view, making for a dazzling display of bright lights and excited people. Is it October yet?

Take a virtual roller coaster ride here.

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