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Five of the top speakers for home cinema


One of the best things about seeing a film in the cinema is the incredible quality of sound it offers, but how easy is it to recreate that experience at home? We’ve rounded up some of the best sound systems on the market to help you get the big screen experience in your own living room.

Bose Home Cinema Systems

Bose offers some of the best sound systems you can buy at the moment. The website states that you can “enjoy thrilling, cinema-like sound from the comfort of your couch”, and there are a variety of products available whether you’re looking to splurge or trying to find something to fit your budget.

Their highest priced system is the Lifestyle 650, clocking in at £3,999 and fitted with 5-speaker surround technology. For those looking for something cheaper, there’s the Bose Solo 5 TV sound system, which is a soundbar that connects to your TV and offers a significant increase in music, dialogue and other audio details.


Dolby Atmos Wireless

The Dolby Atmos Wireless is significantly more advanced than most home sound systems, fitted with up to 64 speaker channels. With this system you get complete three-dimensional surround sound, meaning the effects from what you’re watching are fired from all sides of the room, including above.

The system is easy to set up, wireless and compact, so you can store it anywhere without losing too much space or creating more clutter with wires. On Amazon, the system will currently set you back £749.99.


Logitech Z506

Buying a quality sound system doesn’t always mean you have to spend a huge chunk of money. A cheaper system that still does the job efficiently is the Logitech Z506, costing £84.99.

With this bundle, you get five speakers and a subwoofer that work together to provide deep, rich surround sound, turning your room into your very own cinema experience. You can place the speakers wherever you want to really immerse yourself in the quality of sound it provides.


Anker SoundCore

A much smaller system than the ones above, the Anker SoundCore costs only £29.99 and currently has a whopping 6,529 customer reviews on Amazon (95% of them being 4-5 stars).

This device can be used with your TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet to offer amazing quality sound whether you’re watching a film or listening to your latest music downloads. The battery life is long lasting, allowing you to go for 24 hours between charges – that works out at around 400-500 songs.


Sonos Beam

Another soundbar option, the Sonos Beam costs £399 and can pair with other smart devices such as Alexa and Siri. Available in black or white, you can display it either on a TV stand or purchase an additional device that mounts it to your wall, freeing up space whilst looking super smart.

You can also purchase additional Sonos speakers to pair with the Beam, spreading crystal clean music throughout the home without having to keep moving it around.

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