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Fortnite updates causes broadband spike in Hull

Hull’s gamers have embraced the latest season of the online gaming sensation Fortnite.

Players around the globe were able to download season six of the island combat game yesterday as they rushed to experience the game’s latest features.

And the game has proved a smash hit in Hull and East Yorkshire too as gamers across KCOM’s Lightstream broadband network downloaded the new season.

As children arrived home from school on Thursday the network saw a surge with an extra 20 Gigabit per second of traffic as youngsters logged on to their consoles and updated the game.

That’s the data equivalent of streaming 40 hours of catch-up TV every second or downloading 4,000 extra songs every second on top of the normal network usage.

The future proofed full fibre network across KCOM’s network coped easily with the traffic surge though, enabling gamers to investigated new Fortnite features which include the introduction of pets, new player skins, a floating island and a haunted castle.

Fortnite is regularly played by more than 75 million people around the world and is the most viewed game on streaming site Twitch.

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