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How to choose and use smart bulbs


Smart technology is one of the best creations of this decade, allowing you to control almost every home device you own from your smartphone or tablet and potentially saving you a lot of hassle.

Smart bulbs are included in this category, with a ton of different products available that you can use to light up your home in handy and exciting ways. With so many on the market, here are a few things you should be looking out for to ensure that you choose the best ones for your needs and lifestyle.


Deciding on the kind of lighting you want

A great feature included in many smart bulbs is the ability to dim them without the need to install dimming switches around your home. Once you’ve installed the special bulbs, all you need to do is use the corresponding app to set how bright you want your lights, letting you control the mood of your home from one room.

If you want to take your bulb customisation to a whole new level, many smart bulbs also change colour. Some bulbs, such as the Flux Smart LED Light Bulb, offer a range of over 16 million colors – great for easily changing the vibe at parties and get-togethers.


Choose which features you need

Various smart bulbs, such as the Belkin brand, are fitted with a set of scheduling features that allow you to control your lights even when you’re out and about. If you’re on holiday, this feature can help to keep your property safe, as the constant change in lighting will ensure that your home never looks empty.

When away, especially now that the nights have gotten darker, it also ensures that you can come home from a day out to a comfortably lit house without the worry of leaving your lights on and wasting a ton of electricity. Most lighting brands allow you to use a hub that syncs all of your lights together, meaning you can control them all with one app instead of fiddling with several different ones for various rooms.


Combine them with other smart technology

If you want to take your lighting to a whole new level, you can even choose smart bulbs with built-in speakers, allowing you to listen to music in every room of your house without the need for heavy duty tech or wires trailing everywhere.

The MiPow Playbulb Color has a set of lights built in that dazzle and change colours to match the mood of whatever music is playing out of its speaker – a bit like a modern disco ball.


Check for other helpful features

Certain smart bulbs are even capable of helping you to get a better night’s sleep. The C Sleep range emits several colour temperatures that are specially designed to help regulate your natural melatonin production, suppressing your levels during the day and increasing them as you approach bedtime.

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