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KCOM's eSports roundup 07/05/18


We’ve sourced the best eSports news stories from around the UK to keep you up to date with the action.

Finalists of the League of Legends EU Masters announced

The League of Legends EU Masters was the first major eSports event to occur at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester. Taking place through a series of events this April, twenty-six teams from across Europe competed at League of Legends, currently the most played video game in the world. The best team was announced in front of a live audience on 29 April.

Illuminar Gaming, from Poland, and Origen, a team based in Spain, were the last two contenders battling it out for the title, but ultimately it was Origen who took home the trophy. Well done, Spain!


Valve Changes Dota 2 Patch Schedule to Avoid eSports Clashes

Valve has announced that it will change the schedule of its Dota 2 patches so that there will be no major updates when the final tournaments of the season are taking place. This comes just a few months after they announced the patch schedule would become more frequent, with one patch released on a Thursday every two weeks.

The original schedule meant that patches would hit in the middle of some of the most important events of the year, causing problems for players trying to compete in tournaments whilst also figuring out how to work with any changes added to the game.

The new schedule means there will be no patches when a Major is taking place, so teams won’t have to worry about their ideas and strategies becoming outdated while they are playing. Valve is expected to return to the original patch schedule after this run of tournaments is over.


Riot Games to sponsor new category

American video game developer Riot Games has announced that it will be a category sponsor at the Women in Games Awards 2018. Riot, which has spent a year building up a new London-based office, will be sponsoring the Esports Woman of the Year award.

The awards will take place on Friday 11 May at the Facebook offices in Rathbone Square, London, and will celebrate the most brilliant women in the UK games industry.


Top UK Call of Duty player benched

European Call of Duty staple, Tom "Tommey" Trewren, has been benched from the Splyce roster.

After a disappointing placement at CWL Seattle, a change to the team doesn't come as a surprise, but UK player Tommey has been one of Europe's standout players throughout the World War 2 season.

"Glad I've got no idea what's happening with all the roster changes. Saves all of the stress from snaky business and pettiness,” Tommey tweeted. "Going to sit back and see what happens. If nothing comes of it, so be it."

It is unclear who will be Tommey’s replacement. Several UK teams are undergoing roster changes at the moment as preparations for the second stage of the CWL Pro League begin.

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