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Our top five life apps for 2018


What are the best apps to look out for in 2018? Which are the ones that will leave you feeling ‘appy – and which will leave you feeling app-rehensive?

We all love a good app, those helpful little downloads that help us organise our lives.

These five great little apps should keep entertained, informed and your life running like clockwork for the next 12 months.

Money Dashboard

The winner of the best personal financial app award at the 2017 British Bank Awards, this free app will bring all your finances together in one easy-to-understand place. Safe and secure, the app’s budget planner will show you exactly what you’re spending and where, help you set financial goals and plan for the future.


With so many online accounts to remember are you always forgetting which password goes where? LastPass remembers all your passwords in one secure app, so you don't have to. This free app keeps all your important information safe in one place, helps you generate strong passwords and also lets you share passwords and information with friends and family in the case of an emergency.


Have you seen an interesting article that you want to read, but are in too much of a rush? The Instapaper app allows you to save and store articles for reading, online or offline, in a perfectly formatted, easy to read way. It also allows you to share articles, recipes, videos or web pages between your devices – including iPhone, iPad and Android phone and tablet.

Jaunt VR

Virtual reality is set to be the next big thing in immersive technology. The Jaunt VR App allows users to experience stereoscopic virtual reality content with their phones or by using a cardboard VR headset or compatible mobile VR devices such as Oculus Rift, Vive or Playstation VR. The Android Jaunt VR App, which is available in the Google Play store, also allows users to view 360 videos on their phone screens.


Habitify is a free habit tracker which motivates you to lead a more productive life. Described as “simple, flexible and motivating” Habitify helps you track your daily habits, set goals, give you encouragement to achieve those more arduous tasks, supply inspirational quotes and even remind you to call your mum.

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