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Six awesome apps for digital payments


We’ve rounded up the top six apps that allow you to pay what you owe at the touch of a button.

It has never been easier to send and receive money thanks to the number of handy mobile apps that allow you to quickly transfer your cash.

We’ve rounded up the top six apps that allow you to pay what you owe at the touch of a button.


Google Wallet

Quickly gaining popularity, Google Wallet allows users to set up a one-stop payment system by entering their card information into the application. When you’re next at a card machine, simply tap your device on the terminal and it will scan it as if it‘s your debit card.

Please note, you can only use Google Wallet if you have an NFC chip in your phone, which is installed in many of the newest models. Also, it is only compatible with machines that take contactless payment.


Apple Pay

Apple Pay is extremely similar to Google Wallet, apart from it’s exclusively for iPhone users. Again, you can store all of your cards into the application and select which account you’d like to use.

Apple Pay can also be chosen when purchasing items from online stores, as well as activated by your thumbprint, cutting out the need to remember complicated passwords.



Good old PayPal makes mobile money movement super easy with its multiple features that allow you to send and receive payments to/from businesses and family.

If you’re sending an amount to a friend or relative, you can do so with just their email address. It will then be stored in their PayPal account until that user withdraws and transfers it into their bank account.



Although this app is owned by PayPal, it is in fact entirely different. Venmo has more of a social focus and makes it super simple to square up with your friends at restaurants and split household expenses.


Square Cash

This app enables you to send and request cash from anyone with a Square Cash account. The money will appear in your Square Cash wallet, which holds the funds until you transfer them into your bank account.

Intriguingly, the application has recently added a function where you can buy and sell Bitcoin – something that isn’t found on any other mainstream payment app.



Yes, you can actually send and receive money via the Facebook Messenger app. With almost everyone on Facebook nowadays, this cuts down the need for your group to sign up for an additional app just for payments.

You can message a group about a holiday or meal out and they can instantly contribute to the fund.

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