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The best apps for keeping track of your spending


The summer holidays can be tough on everyone’s wallets. We’ve rounded up some of the best free apps available for your phone to help you keep an eye on your spending.


Wallet is a mobile budget and finance tool that offers a ton of helpful features, as well as supporting multiple currencies. The app includes automatic bank syncing for your balance and expenses, and also gives you the option to import entries manually, label transactions for easy tracking, and track budgets.

Financial insight and other predictions display in easy visualisations to help you plan out your finances. The app is free, but you have the option to pay for the premium subscriptions to take advantage of features like bank syncing and more detailed charts and reports.

Wallet is available for Android and iOS.



Fudget is all about simplicity and giving you the ability to efficiently use the app on the go.

One button lets you add your income and another allows you to add your expenses, all of which can be labeled and reordered on a simple timeline that displays your balance at the bottom. Swiping each entry enables you to either set it as a recurring entry or delete it, making it a simple yet effective finance tool.

For fast expense logging, Fudget is a helpful and easy to use app. An optional in-app purchase provides you with the ability to set themes and use a built-in calculator, as well as removing adverts.

Fudget is available for Android and iOS.



Spendee is a bright, user-friendly app that comes with great budgeting tracking tools, whether you're a free user or a subscriber. You can easily input and categorise expenses, complete with receipts and photos, and quickly view your expenses in a feed view. Meanwhile, the Overview mode offers useful infographics on your spending over time, plus a breakdown of what items and categories you're spending the most money on.

Spendee has recently added a budget creation tool, promoting it from expense tracker to a proper budgeting app. If you pay for the premium version, you’re able to set up bank account syncing for automatic expense logging, as well as multiple budgets, shareable savings wallets, and cross-device usage.

Spendee is available for Android and iOS.


You Need A Budget

A companion app to the popular personal budgeting platform, You Need A Budget enables you to keep your budget on you at all times.

The mobile app offers quick reference to your accounts, as well the ability to add budget categories, enter new transactions, and modify your spending behaviour on the go from your mobile phone.

The handy app also has the ability to sync with your other devices, allowing you to keep your budget data up to date on Android, iOS, and the web version of You Need A Budget, which also contains a variety of educational tools and guides specifically aimed at helping users to build good budgeting habits and financial discipline.

You Need A Budget is available for Android and iOS.

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