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The latest health and fitness apps


Whether you’re into running every day or just partaking in some light yoga at weekends, there’s an abundance of apps available for your smartphone that can help you keep track of all of the exercise you do.

We’ve listed a few of the newest and best to help you decide which to try out first.


SoSweat: Home Fitness & Coach

SoSweat is one of the most popular apps you can find in the New section of the app store. Designed for everyone, whether super skilled or just starting out, SoSweat is there to help you get the results you want with equipment-free bodyweight workouts designed to be done anywhere.

The app also allows you to follow friends and help motivate them by commenting on their progress and liking their posts. If you don’t have any friends who are into fitness, you can use the app to make new workout buddies.

SoSweat is free and offers several paid memberships that come with their own benefits. You can download it here from the App Store.


Sweatcoin If you need some proper motivation to get you working out, Sweatcoin might be for you.

The app converts every step you take into a currency called ‘sweatcoins’, which can then be spent on actual goods, including products from a wide variety of retailers such as Boohoo, Graze and HelloFresh.

With a great reputation in both the US and UK app stores, Sweatcoin is one of the fastest growing health and fitness apps in history. This handy exercise tool is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store.



If you prefer meditating in your own environment over going to a class, Headspace is a great app that offers a range of guided techniques and effective meditations that you can follow for a simple way to reframe stress. It even offers modules that focus on sleep, helping you to create the ideal conditions for a good night’s rest.

The Basics course that Headspace offers is completely free and designed to teach you the fundamentals of meditation and mindfulness. Once completed you have the option to subscribe, giving access to the full Headspace meditation library. There’s also the Headspace animation library, which is full of tips and helpful wisdom to keep your meditation plans on track.

Download Headspace from the App Store.


Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

If you find it hard to get to sleep on a night, this app might be the one to help you out.

With Relax Melodies, you can select a series of sounds and melodies that you like, combining them to create a mix. Add in one of their meditations specially designed for sleep, and then all you have to do is lay back, listen, and enjoy drifting into a much-needed slumber.

The app also offers Sleep Moves, which are a unique concept of guided exercises done with a pillow to help send you into blissful sleep every night. These sleep-inducing programmes have been approved by health and sleep professionals, including neuropsychologists and physiotherapists.

Download Relax Melodies on the iTunes store.

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