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Top five sensors for your home and how to use them


We take a look at the best five currently on the market

Motion sensor devices are great to have in your home for an extra sense of security and peace of mind when you’re away. We’ve picked the best five currently on the market to help you decide which one is right for your household.



Created by British Gas, the Hive Window or Door Sensor alerts you if your window or door has been tampered with when you're away from home. The wireless sensors are able to send an alert to your smartphone if your window or door has been opened or closed, so you’ll be the first to know if anything is amiss.

Check out the Hive website for more details.


Eve Motion

The Eve Motion sensor allows you to automatically control your connected accessories whenever you enter or leave a room. You can opt to receive notifications when movement is detected, even whilst you're at work or on holiday.

Eve offers simple and effective setup, advanced security, and can be linked to your Apple devices so that it works with Siri, connecting directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth without requiring a separate hub.

Browse the range of Eve Home products on the official website.



The Panasonic Smart Home Window and Door Sensors are super easy to install, taking mere seconds to set up throughout your property.

These efficient gadgets can be programmed to do everything from sending an alert to your smart device or Smart Home Handset, to automatically switching on lights by working with a Smart Home Plug or triggering a Smart Home Siren to go off when you’re not at home and someone enters the premises.

Check out the Panasonic Door and Window Sensors on their website.



The SmartThings Motion Sensor can detect motion of up to 4.5 metres and 100 degrees in range. It can be set up on a wall, table or even your fridge door thanks to its handy magnetic design.

Easy tilt adjustment makes it simpler than ever to get the widest viewing angle and most effective detection in whichever room the sensor is set up in.


Find the Samsung SmartThings range on their website.



The SimpliSafe motion sensor gives you coverage in your home within thirty feet. The sensor is equipped with a field of vision spanning 90 degrees, offering a full range of coverage when placed in a corner.

The sensor is uniquely designed to stand comfortably on a shelf, attach to a wall, or fit neatly in a corner for maximum room coverage. You can set the sensor to be active only in “away” mode, or in both “home” and “away” modes, keeping an eye on rooms that you’re not in whilst you’re at home.

It’s also pet-friendly, meaning any dogs or cats under 50lbs won’t trigger the alarm and cause you any unnecessary stress.

Check out the SimpliSafe website for more products.

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