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Top Netflix Picks for April


The rainy weather isn’t going to put us off having a good time, especially when there’s so much to catch up with on Netflix.

We’ve rounded up the best films, documentaries and TV shows to tune into this month.


Lost in Space

Based on the popular 1960s sci-fi series of the same name, Lost in Space follows the story of Jupiter 2, a spaceship full of colonists, as it veers off-course and strands its passengers lightyears away from their intended destination.

Set in 2046, this fascinating space drama is undoubtedly going to be captivating.

Lost in Space is available on Netflix from Friday 13 April.


The Alienist

Travel back in time to 1896, where a series of gruesome murders has taken place in New York City. An ad hoc team of a police commissioner, criminal psychologist and newspaper illustrator band together to try and solve the crimes.

The ten-part series originally premiered earlier this year, but it is now available on Netflix to watch in full.

Series 1 comes to Netflix on Thursday 19 April.


Chef’s Table: Pastry

The popular Netflix Original cooking series is back with a one-off special called Pastry. Great British Bake Off fans are sure to love this delicious instalment of the much-loved show.

Last year, the mouth-watering documentary took us on a tour around the best eateries in France.

Chef’s Table returns to Netflix on Friday 13 April.



Adored nature expert David Attenborough narrates Life, a beautiful documentary about the sheer variety of species on our planet. If you loved Blue Planet II,  you’re definitely going to enjoy this stunning series.

With six insightful episodes, focusing on reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, birds and insects, you’re sure to learn something new about our wonderful world.

Life is available to watch now on Netflix. 



The multi-award nominated American legal drama follows college drop-out, Mike Ross, who begins working as a law associate despite never attending law school. Mike and his new employer, Harvey Specter, manage to successfully close cases whilst attempting to keep Mike’s lack of credentials a secret.

The long-awaited seventh season of Suits can be enjoyed on Netflix from Thursday 5 April.


Mercury 13

An intriguing documentary about a small group of skilled female pilots who were applying for space flight missions in the 1960s.

After rigorous testing, they were asked to step aside as a group of men were finally selected. The film is a provocative look into sex discrimination and American space programmes.

Mercury 13 is coming to Netflix on Friday 20 April.


Designated Survivor

New episodes of this gripping series have finally started up again. The political thriller attempts to answer the curious question of what would happen if the President of the US, plus everyone in the line of succession, was killed off.

In the series, an explosion destroys the Capitol building, claiming the lives of the President and everyone who could succeed him. Everyone except Thomas Kirkman, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Watch Series 1 and 2 now on Netflix.



Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale, heads back to the classroom as her group of friends negotiate loss and grief. This coming-of-age Netflix Original narrates the story of four best friends as their lives are dramatically transformed in the last two weeks of high school.

You can watch Dude from Friday 20 April on Netflix.


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