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Useful tips for using Google Calendar


If your work is predominantly based online, it’s likely that you’ve used Google Calendar to manage your schedule at some point. As straightforward as the application may seem, it’s also packed with a hefty selection of time-saving features and shortcuts that can help you to manage your time more effectively, both in and out of the office.

Accessing event details

When selecting an event from your calendar, you’ll also be able to gain access to all of its details, including exactly where it’s taking place, a list of who is attending and their RSVP responses, attachments that other attendees may have added, and any other relevant links.


Adding events quickly

Instead of using the “add event” button, you can simply click on any empty space available on your calendar to create an event there and then. You’ll be able to include all the necessary information too, such as the time of the event and where it’s taking place, as well as inviting others to it.


Creating separate calendars

Creating a different calendar for each area of your life can help you to see which areas you’re spending the most time on, and how they intersect with each other. It’s a great way to keep a balance between your professional and social life, and you can even colour code particular events to give you a clear indication of what’s what with a momentary glance.


Getting notifications

When you have Google Calendar open on your computer, a notification will automatically pop up ten minutes before your next event is scheduled to start. Though it’s a handy feature, it can be disruptive, directing you to Google Calendar no matter what you were working in.

Switching from interruptive alerts to “browser notifications” can fix this, instead showing a small notification in the top right-hand corner of the screen that won’t distract you from your work, online chat or hilarious cat videos.


Sharing your calendar

Whether it’s a group work project or a trip away with family and friends, creating a shared calendar gives everyone involved the ability to add updates, meaning you don’t need to be the sole responsible planner.

Once you’ve created the calendar you want to share, hover over its name on the left side of the screen. Click the small arrow, then choose Share This Calendar. Once this part is done, you can easily add others to the calendar through email invites.


Request other people’s calendars

You can also request to be added to someone else’s calendar, such as your boss, so you can see when they’re available. From the Other Calendars area, enter your colleague’s email address. They’ll receive an email with your request, which they can either accept or decline. If they give you access, you’ll be able to see their calendar in your list of calendars on the left sidebar.


Download the app for on-the-go access

If you want a quick and easy way to access your emails whilst you’re out and about, you can download the official Google Calendar app for your smartphone completely free of charge.

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