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What is Smart Home technology?


Everywhere you go you’ll hear the term Smart Home technology being used. But what is it and how can you make it work for you?

Basically, Smart Home technology makes your home appliances interactive and enables you to control them remotely through the internet. It takes the basic concept of the on/off switch to the next level.

Want to turn your living room lights on while you’re on a night out? No problem, you can do that using a Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb. Want your thermostat to learn your daily routines and adapt accordingly depending on the weather? Smart technology can do that.  It can also enable you to control the music you listen to, change the channel you’re watching and even remind you to buy dog food the next time you head to the shops.

Smart technology aims to make life easier, allowing you to control your environment simply by speaking or clicking an app on your smartphone.

Of course, smartphones are now a staple of modern life; much more than just devices to make calls on. Now we can surf online, check train and movie times, search for directions to a restaurant or recommendations for a hotel, all on handheld devices that are more like computers than phones.

Smart TVs can offer a myriad of online streaming services such, as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and internet apps that are light years beyond the old basic terrestrial channels.

But now that same technology is being adopted into our homes at an ever-increasing speed.

These allow you to do things such as turn appliances on and off remotely, change your home’s mood lighting and monitor energy usage.

Smart appliances can also be greener, allowing you to save on your energy bills.

Looking to the future, Smart technology will become all immersive – as integral to our daily lives as our smartphones have become.

Think Smart washing machines, Smart cookers and fridges, Smart glass, Smart surveillance cameras, Smart Home interior decor and even Smart pyjamas that can tell you a bedtime story – they’re all heading our way as Smart technology becomes more embedded in our lives.

The home of the future may be here sooner than you think. It’s time to get Smart.


KCOM offers Smart products such as Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs and Smart Wi-Fi plugs, which can be controlled from anywhere using your phone – or through voice control when they’re linked to “virtual personal assistants” such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

To find out more about what Smart technology is and what it can do for you visit and click on the Shop button.

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