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What to watch on Netflix 15/11


November has brought a new and exciting selection of films and shows to Netflix, so here are some of our top picks of the month.

Dead Set

Kicking off with an old classic, Dead Set is a horror serial created by Charlie Brooker, the legend behind Black Mirror. The show takes place primarily on the set of a fictional series of the recently cancelled television show Big Brother.

The five episodes, which originally aired over five consecutive nights, document a zombie outbreak that strands the housemates and production staff inside the Big Brother house, which quickly becomes a shelter from the undead.


Lord of the Rings

Netflix has finally added The Lord of the Rings trilogy onto its streaming list – not the extended editions, though, much to the disappointment of diehard fans.

The series was one of the biggest and most ambitious film projects ever undertaken, with a budget that reached $330 million. Set in the fictional world of Middle-earth, the storyline follows the hobbit Frodo Baggins as he and the Fellowship embark on a quest to destroy the One Ring, and thus ensure the destruction of its maker, the Dark Lord Sauron.


Super Drags

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race had better start their engines and get ready for this new series. Super Drags is a Brazilian Netflix exclusive adult animation series created by Anderson Mahanski, Fernando Mendonça and Paulo Lescaut.

It follows the adventures of Patrick, Donizete and Ralph, three friends who work in a department store. Their alter-egos are three sassy heroines: Lemon Chifon, Scarlet Carmesim, and Safira Cyan, known as the Super Drags, who are responsible for protecting the LGBT community.

The English dub, which went up on Netflix recently, features the voices of iconic drag queens Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj, Willam and Shangela.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

If you’re impatiently waiting for the next instalment in the Star Wars trilogy, Netflix has added something to keep you occupied for now. Rogue One is the first movie in the Star Wars anthology series and set just before the events of A New Hope, following a group of rebels who are on a dangerous mission to steal the plans for the Death Star.

The best part of this film is undoubtedly its cast list, including legends such as Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen and Forest Whitaker. However, don’t get too excited about seeing that customary opening crawl when the film starts – this is the only one in the Star Wars franchise that doesn’t include it.


This 2016 sci-fi drama movie is based on a 1998 short story by Ted Chiang, starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. It follows a linguist enlisted by the U.S. Army to discover how to communicate with aliens who have arrived on Earth, before tensions lead to war.

Considered to be one of the best films of 2016, it grossed $203 million worldwide and received high praise for Adams' performance, Villeneuve's direction, and its unique exploration of communicating with extraterrestrial intelligence.

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