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Why parents should use Amazon Family


If you’re part of a family that includes young children, or you’re just starting out your journey to parenthood, it can be difficult to remember to keep on top of buying everything you need and making sure it’s all stocked up. Fortunately, there are a variety of online tools available that can help you out with these necessities, one of them being Amazon Family.

Amazon Family is a feature of Amazon Prime, aimed at making it easier for parents, families and caregivers to find everything they could possibly need for their little ones on the website. The scheme is free to join if you already have an Amazon Prime membership, but if you’re not a member of Prime, you can sign up separately for a monthly fee. Once you join, you’ll be treated to exclusive offers and vouchers specifically marketed toward families.

Amazon Family presents a variety of savings through vouchers on categories such as baby food, clothing, toys and games, books and many more. The programme also encourages you to create individual profiles for each of your kids, which helps Amazon to generate age-appropriate offers and suggestions designed with you and your family in mind. It also boasts 20% off on nappy subscriptions, but this deal only works if you have five different subscriptions from any shopping category set to arrive on the same day to the same address. Still, if you’re already reliant on Amazon for most of your baby necessities, it’s a great deal to snatch up and can be combined with monthly deliveries of things like shampoo and cat food.

Prime members who create a baby registry are eligible for a 15% registry completion discount through Amazon Family. You can also grab yourself a complimentary Welcome Box, full to the brim with stuff like free samples and parenting products from Amazon. Other reasons to register include exclusive discounts on items such as maternity clothes for expectant mothers, prenatal vitamins, parenting books and beauty products.

If you’ve already got a Prime account and you have young children, it’s definitely worth signing up for Amazon Family as well. If you tend to do a lot of your weekly shopping through Amazon, the programme might be an easy way to cut down on your household's monthly spending without sacrificing important items or spending time shopping around to find the best price.

For expecting parents creating a baby registry, Amazon Family could also be the best solution for some early money saving when you need it the most. And since the service offers you relevant vouchers and discounts long-term, Amazon Family can help you to make significant savings as your children grow.

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