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It can be limited by a physical or neurological condition, or because of ageing, injury or a medical condition. Your ability to move about can impact how you communicate. You might need longer to get to places or be unable to sit or stand for a long time.

If you're taking a bit longer to get to the phone, or if you're finding it harder to sit or stand still while talking on the phone, then a few small changes could make a big improvement to how you communicate.

There are several organisations that can help you if you have limited mobility. Your local authority might be able to help with special equipment and assessing your needs. An occupational therapist can also work out what extra support you need.

GARI - the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative – also has information on their website which may help you find the best device for your own needs, whether sight, hearing or dexterity.

Tips to help you with mobility issues

An Occupational Therapist can help you to perform functional tasks more effectively or suggest specialist equipment.

Massage, reflexology and aromatherapy can help with muscle tone, relaxation and pain relief. Always consult a qualified and insured complementary therapist.

If possible, try to change position frequently during the day so that your muscles have regular changes in tone.


The use of hands and fingers can be affected by injury, illness or a medical condition. For people with limited dexterity basic tasks like writing or holding a book, operating the keypad or simply holding the phone can be difficult.

Services we can provide to support you

  • Free directory enquiries
    For people who are unable to easily use a printed Directory due to an impairment, we provide a free directory enquiries service. Customers need to call 100 from their landline to register for this service. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

  • Free Priority Fault Repair Service

    Sometimes, a telephone or a broadband service becomes a vital lifeline for customers. We offer a free priority fault repair service for customers who have a disability and may be at risk in the unlikely event of a fault occurring on their line.

    We’ll prioritise your repair over standard care levels but there may be circumstances beyond our control that mean we can’t. For example, extreme weather conditions like floods or storms can delay or prevent our engineers carrying out repairs to overhead cables or working down manholes.

    To find out if you’re eligible for a Free Priority Fault Repair, and to register for the service please contact us on 01482 602555. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

  • Third Party Bill Management
    Customers who need help to manage their account can nominate a friend or relative to receive copies of bills and correspondence without them becoming liable for the bill. The Authorised User is able to raise a complaint or make a payment on behalf of the customer. Please call us on 01482 602555 to arrange this on your account. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

Find out more about how we support our vulnerable customers