KCOM Fuzzfeed Puppets


Meet John and Lewis, the newest additions to the KCOM family. We’ve teamed up with award-winning Hull filmmakers My Pockets for a new series of their acclaimed 2017 Fuzzfeed films.

See the new felt duo discuss everything from work and life to the universe and flying cars – but mainly flying cars.


The Interview

It’s the big day as Lewis is interviewed for a new job as a KCOM apprentice engineer. Will team leader John see his potential – and does a bright (orange) future await?


Don't be scared

Apprentice Lewis has started his new job and he’s got some first day nerves – but there’s nothing to be scared of. Or is there?


Scottish laptop

It’s another day in the office and Lewis takes delivery of his new KCOM laptop – but he’s got other things on his mind, like how to stop John’s bagpipe music on the computer.


Netflix and chill

Kids today don’t know they’re born. Before streaming, social media and Netflix, youngsters used to have to make their own entertainment – as John is keen to point out to apprentice Lewis.


Hovering cars

The world’s changing at an incredible rate with technology advancing all the time – but what does the future hold for us? And does it include dongles? John and Lewis have their own ideas.