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Each week our youngsters had the chance to create the next exciting chapter in our The Magic Phone Box tale, which saw young hero Tom and mysterious cowboy Buck (with his trusty coal-black horse) battle dragons, vikings, unicorns and other creatures in a series of nail-biting adventures.

Six winners received a Kindle Fire HD, while everyone who entered received a KCOM K6 phone box key ring.

Now we’ve brought the story to life in an animation, so grab your popcorn and enjoy.

The winning entries, read by their authors

Calvin Innes, Illustrator, cartoonist, artist, author and school presenter

Rain thundered down upon an already soaking footpath as a bitter wind whistled through barren treetops and between twisted, finger-like branches. Leaves, toys and all manner of debris were swept along the roadside, caught up in a torrent of dank, brown water as over-stretched drains burst and overflowed. Ancient timbers creaked on empty houses and windows shutters clattered noisily beneath the force of the storm now in its fourth day.

The village had been abandoned as people hurried to get to safety, away from the falling trees and flooded streets. Beside the village green was a phone box. Crouched within the phone box was a small, very scared, child. With their hands clasped tightly over their ears, to shield themselves from the roaring wind and rain, they almost missed the sound of the phone ringing.


The voice on the other end of the phone spoke slowly and deliberately: “Hold on my dear, this may be a bit of a bumpy ride.”

A flash of light, far brighter than the lightning that had lit up the sky for the past four days, filled the village green. The phone box, which had stood firmly in the same spot for more than thirty years, was gone.

Matthew Jones, Newland St John's CE Academy

The phone box landed with a crash! As it tipped over, the boy inspected the bright, yellowy landscape. A dusty , wind-swept road with a horizon drenched with tall, cloudy mountains was not as the child had expected. “Where am I?” he whispered. Then he realised why he couldn’t get out. “Help! Someone!” There was a quiet, wispy reply. ”What? How d’ya get up there?!” He waited until a dusty cowboy on a coal-black horse galloped towards him.

“Howdy, partner! The name’s Buck! Yours?”


“You seem hungry! Care to come to mine for refreshments?”

“Certainly” replied Tom cheerfully.

Amaya Newman, Garden Village, Hull

Buck gently unlocked the phone box." Hop on”, Buck smiled, signalling Tom to mount his horse. Half an hour later, Tom and Buck arrived at an old, time-worn building. “Where are we?” Tom questioned Buck curiously.

“Home”, Buck whispered woefully. “I know, it looks nothing like you expected, but trust me, you are going to see better in the future”.

“What?” Tom asked, thinking he was dreaming.

“Look, just hold my hand, everything’s fine”, Buck replied sternly. As Tom took Buck's hand, a million thoughts raced through his head. A bright, flashing light filled the atmosphere, and they were gone…”

Lydia Alex, nine, Froebel House School

Tom opened his shining eyes. Buck wasn’t there anymore. Tom looked around and saw an old city filled with trams and penny-farthings. An old tattered sign read ‘Hull.’ Tom was shocked.

“Imagine this being the City of Culture back in 2017,” thought Tom.

The people wore posh clothes. Tom himself was wearing a white shirt, bowtie and waistcoat. Tom explored the town. He found a Sovereign coin in his pocket and bought some food. While he was eating, a wind blew. Tom found himself in the magical phone box. It flew up, it’s door opened and Tom saw a unicorn…

Williams Ogiemwonyi, seven, Craven Primary School

Tom found a magic powered glittery unicorn. Then that one unicorn split into two unicorns. Tom was shocked and excited to see them but then an army of dragons and vikings came for war. The unicorns won, the leader was angry but the unicorns weren't scared. They spread their wings and flew.

Tom was anxious and ran off. He came across a magical zoo and had a great idea. He opened all of the cages and rounded up the magical animals. He took them all for battle alongside the Unicorns, he was proud of his plan.”

Chloe Gregory, nine, Keldmarsh Primary School

Tom led the animals to the dragons; he was going to defeat them. He then saw Buck.

“You need to defeat the leader of the dragons,” Buck said.

“Why?” Tom asked.

“The dragons took over our land and made it a miserable place. Now you can’t get home because the magic’s fading and the phone box has disappeared.

“If you defeat the dragon leader, all the dragons will fade and the land will return to normal. You will be able to get back home.”

Buck gave him directions and Tom set off, wondering if he could do this quest.

Joe, nine, Keldmarsh Primary School

It was a long journey for Tom.

Trees, mountains. The same thing every step.

Thankfully, his boredom soon came to an end. He was at the nest.

He heard roaring and screaming from the cave. Tom gulped.

He slowly stepped towards the gap. Suddenly, a man dressed in leaves and camouflage jumped out of a bush beside him.

"You! Are ya trying to defeat the dragon leader? Well, here’s a weapon to help you."

The strange man gave Tom a gleaming golden sword. Tom stammered “Th-th-thanks!”

Tom walked into the cave. Around him, shivering Tom saw millions of dragons sleeping…

Ben Ellington-Runkee, nine, Thorngumbald Primary School

Tom suddenly stepped on a branch which snapped and made a loud cracking noise!

The dragon leader’s eyes opened slightly, Tom hid behind a huge stone. Tom had an idea, if he could creep up to the dragon leader and slay it then the dragons would be under his command.

Tom managed to get close enough to stick the sword in the dragon's tail, there was an almighty yelp and then gold stardust flew in to the air.

All the dragons disappeared, Tom went outside and everything was back to normal with people celebrating under the stardust in Hull City of Culture.

Calvin Innes, Illustrator, cartoonist, artist, author and school presenter

Tom stood, slightly dazed, staring at men, women and children dancing beneath showers of twinkling stardust. Their faces were bright and alive, and each one of them smiled and laughed while music filled the air. The night sky was filled with colourful lights and the moonlight cast a beautiful blue haze across the gathered crowds.

Tom wearily rubbed his eyes and looked down to his muddy feet and his tattered and torn trousers. His hands were filthy and his t-shirt was stained with dust and grime and dirt. His hair was filled with sand and debris.

As he stood there, exhausted from his journey, Tom’s eyes began to close. He felt his head slowly nodding forwards as he struggled to keep himself awake.

As Tom opened his eyes he saw he was once again sat on the floor of the old cream telephone box. The door flew open and his dad reached down and picked him up, hugging Tom tightly.

“We were so worried about you.” said his dad, who looked remarkably like Buck the cowboy, as Tom’s mum put her arms around them both.

“We couldn’t find you. Have you been asleep in here all night?” she asked.

Tom wasn’t sure what had happened. Had he dreamed everything? He must have. It was all too strange to be real. “I’m not sure mum,” he exclaimed, “But I’m happy you’re both here now”.

As his parents hugged him, relieved that their boy was safe, Tom reached up and itched his dusty head. As he did a small dragon scale fell from his hair to the ground and twinkled a brilliant gold colour.