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How do I plug in my router?

Written by KCOM Support on 23/03/2022. Posted in Broadband.

To use the internet properly in your home, you need to make sure you plug your router in correctly.


Something to note

Your router may look different to the ones below - these are just examples, but the instructions should be the same.

I'm using Lightstream (Fibre to the home)

The engineer should've plugged everything in for you correctly during your Lightstream install, but here's some instructions.

  1. If you're on Lightstream, you should have a white box on your wall (known as an ONT), which we'll have installed during your Lightstream install. Find the LAN1 port on this white box and plug in one end of the Ethernet cable (white with yellow ends).
  2. Now plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the blue or red WAN port on the back of the router.
  3. Finally, clip the two parts of your power supply unit together and then plug the power cable into the router.

Plug in Router for FTTH

I'm using Lightstream (Fibre to the cabinet) or ADSL broadband

When you first receive your router, a quick-start guide is included explaining how to plug in your router. Here's the instructions again if you're unsure what to do.

  1. Connect your router to the main telephone socket using the filter and Broadband cable (the thin white one). If you're using a phone in this socket, you'll need to plug it's cable into the microfilter too. Now plug in the power cable for your router.
  2. The main socket is where the telephone line comes in from outside. For help identifying which is your main socket, see this guide.
  3. Please note that every phone socket in your home with a phone plugged into it will need its own microfilter, otherwise you may have issues getting online or using the phone.

Plug in Router for VDSL or ADSL

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