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How do I set up email on iOS 13 or iPadOS 13?

Written by KCOM Support on 23/03/2022. Posted in Broadband.

Setting up your email on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is easy. No matter which device you're using, you'll have an app called Mail that lets you send or receive emails on the go.

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iPhone and iPod touch both use iOS, and iPad uses iPadOS. Both operating systems are very similar and so the instructions are the same. Depending on the age of your device, it may be running an older version of iOS which means the instructions may be slightly different.

Guides for setting up email on other types of devices can be found here.

How do I add my KCOM email account?

  1. From the home screen on your device, tap on Settings.

  2. Scroll down your Settings and then tap on Passwords & Accounts.

  3. Tap Add Account.

  4. Tap Other.

  5. Tap Add Mail Account.

  6. You now need to input some details about your account so Mail can find it:
    • Name - Type in your full name
    • Email - Type in your full KCOM email address (e.g:
    • Password - Type in the password for your KCOM email address
    • Description - Type in a description for the account so you know what it is
    When you've finished, tap Next.

  7. At the top of the screen, you'll need to select either POP or IMAP. We recommend you choose IMAP but the choice is yours.


    This method will pull all of your emails from our server and store them on your device. If you use Webmail then this means you may not be able to see your emails when they are pulled onto your device. You may need to change your account settings so it leaves a copy of the messages on the server.


    IMAP (Recommended)

    This method will sync your emails and folders exactly with how they are on Webmail. The downside to this is that if you don't manage and delete your emails frequently, your mailbox may become full. Your mailbox allowance is 250mb.

    Once you've selected either POP or IMAP, you need to fill in the rest of the settings for our email service. In this example, we've chosen IMAP:

    Incoming Mail Server
    • Host Name -
    • Username - (use your full email address again, not your KCOM Home username)
    • Password - Your email address password (this should already be filled in)
    Outgoing Mail Server
    • Host Name -
    • Username - Leave this blank
    • Password - Leave this blank
    When you've finished filling in your details and the KCOM email settings, tap Save.

  8. The Mail app will now start to Verify the settings you've entered - please be patient as this can take a while.

    You'll eventually see a message saying that it Cannot Connect Using SSL. We don't use SSL so please tap Yes to continue. It will continue to verify and ask again if you want to try setting up the account without SSL. Tap Yes.

  9. You'll now see your account listed. KCOM emails will now be setup on your device and should start coming through.

    If this didn't happen and you saw a message saying 'The username or password is incorrect', just tap OK and double check you've entered your details correctly.


How do I use the Mail app to send and receive emails?

If you need a bit of help using the Mail app on your iOS device, see Apple's helpful guide here.

I'm having trouble sending emails, why?

If you find you're having a few issues sending out emails using your smartphone, it may be because of how you're connecting to the internet.

If you've setup your email using the instructions above and you can only send emails when you're at home connected to your WiFi, this is because you're using our outgoing server ( This server only works if you're connected to the KCOM network; either at home using your broadband or Lightstream, or you're connected to one of our free KCOM WiFi Hotspots.

In order to send emails when you're using your mobile data and not connected to WiFi, you'll need the outgoing SMTP server for your mobile network provider. You should be able to get this by contacting them.

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