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*Comparing KCOM’s 900Mbps Lightstream fibre to the home broadband service with Ofcom’s reported average speed for UK home broadband FTTC connections (65.3Mbps), source. Service is subject to status and network availability.

Step by step - how does it work?

Step 1: Register interest

The more demand we see from your community, the sooner we may come to you.

Step 2: Drive demand

Get your neighbours to sign up too, or become a Community Champion to help spread the word faster.

Step 3: Hit the target

We'll look at coming to you when we see that there's enough interest in your local area.

Step 4: We'll get in touch

You'll be the first to know when KCOM Lightstream broadband becomes available to purchase.

Register your interest

Fill in your details and help bring full fibre broadband to your community. Please note, by completing this form you are giving us your consent to contact you to discuss Lightstream availability.

To check availability at another address or change the address shown here, please re-enter your postcode.

For information on how we store and process your personal information, please see our privacy notice.


  • Fast-forward

    Get the ultimate full fibre broadband experience and enjoy some of the fastest speeds in the UK, right to your door. It’s time to speed things up so that you can enjoy all the things you love online.

  • Future-first

    The future of broadband is full fibre. Every product and service we offer has been built today with tomorrow in mind. Our technology partners share our passion for delivering customer-responsive, future proof solutions that will stand the test of time. Out with the old and in with the new.

  • Fibre-forever

    With us, you receive your own, exclusive fibre connection, which means you’ll get the speeds you pay for (because you’ll never have to share your connection with your neighbours). Not only that, everyone in your home can be online, on multiple devices, all at the same time – even at peak-time.

  • We ARE your community

    We’ve invested £100 million into our region’s towns and villages to create the infrastructure needed to pave the way for stronger, better, faster online connectivity. Full fibre broadband should be available for everyone; we deserve it.

  • We’re a heartbeat away

    Our people are (literally) right beside you. Our customer service teams and engineers are locally based, so when you need a fast response or home visit, we’ll always be close enough to support you. We may even be your friends or neighbours!

  • We're on your team

    We’re a Yorkshire-rooted company with over 100 years’ experience under our belt. We’re proud of our heritage but most importantly, we know that our people here at KCOM have shaped our success. With accolades such these are testament to the hard work of our people.

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    Become a Community Champion

    Help us spread the word about full fibre broadband in your community so that we can come there sooner.

    Sign up now

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    Learn about the DCMS voucher scheme

    We're working alongside the UK government to bring full fibre broadband to rural towns and villages that are often missed from commercial network builds.

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    Case studies

    Discover some of the communities who have benefited from our ultrafast broadband services.

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    We'll help you spread the word

    Looking to drum up support in your area? Find out how we can help you boost your campaign.

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    • What benefits will full fibre broadband bring to my community?

      Full fibre broadband can open up a world of possibilities for people of all ages. As we move into the era of streaming services, smart devices and home working, we're placing a greater demand on our internet connection. For many households and businesses, basic broadband is no longer enough.

      Some of the benefits of full fibre broadband include:

      • The ability to support the rapidly-increasing number of devices in the home (including games consoles, smart TVs and mobile phones)
      • Enhanced upload and download speeds, meaning you get the best and most immersive experience during activities such as streaming, online gaming and video calls
      • Improved work/life balance, as our fast reliable broadband enables you to work from home as effectively as you would in the office
      • Increased reliability, suffering from fewer faults than standard fibre and ADSL broadband
      • Increased property value, as more and more house-buyers seek out homes with good internet access
      • The opportunity to expand your business, as slow internet no longer hinders your ability to work, serve, connect and collaborate online

    • What makes full fibre better than other types of broadband?

      Full fibre broadband (also known as 'real fibre', 'Fibre to the Premises' or 'FTTP') means that optical fibre cables connect straight to your home or business. This ensures the best possible performance with reliable, superfast speeds.

      Standard fibre broadband (also known as 'Fibre to the Cabinet' or 'FTTC') means that only part of the connection uses fibre cables. In most cases, it's a fibre cable from the exchange to the cabinet, then copper from the cabinet to your home or business. Actual speeds vary on your property's distance from the cabinet - the nearer you are, the better your speed will be.

      ADSL broadband is entirely copper, making it the slowest and least reliable of the three. This is also the most common form of broadband found in rural areas.

    • I've registered my interest - what else can I do to help bring full fibre to my area?

      Before we begin building our Lightstream services in an area, we need to make sure there's enough demand. Become a KCOM Community Champion and help spread the word to your neighbours to drive registrations so we can get there faster!

    Read more about our community work

    From providing grants for worthy causes to helping local schools prepare youngsters for a bright future, our community activities are all about making your area a better place to live, work and invest.

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