The power of KCOM’s full fibre network is the star of a new campaign set to hit cinema screens across the region.

The Hull-based broadband provider has today launched its new brand campaign, featuring the tagline “The Power is all yours”, which will highlight the benefits of its top tech full fibre network.

The new ad campaign, which will be shown at local cinemas as well as on TV, revolves around a normal, everyday, Hull family as they get the best out of gaming, streaming and staying safe online.

Marketing manager Suzanne Harvey, said: “Our new brand campaign ‘The Power is all yours’ really brings to life KCOM’s key strengths, focusing on our unique, resilient and reliable full fibre broadband network.

“We’re really proud of our award-winning network and the powerful differences it delivers, enabling our customers to keep up with life’s digital demands. This new campaign allows us to shout about what differentiates the KCOM network and the great customer experience we know it provides.”

The colourful new ad campaign will be highly visible across the region in the coming month as it shows the families engaging in everyday online activities. While the kids are busy gaming and using social media, mum takes time out to stream a box set in the bath, while dad is just keen to know that the network is safe and protected from malicious attacks.

Suzanne added: “I’m so excited for the new campaign to go live, and I can’t wait to see our bold messaging around Power Gaming, Power Shield and Power Streaming on billboards, bus stops and phone boxes across the region as well as on the TV and, of course, on the big screen at the cinema, which is a first for KCOM.”

You can watch the new ad here.

For more information about what KCOM’s full fibre broadband can do for you visit here.