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Do I need a phone line for Broadband?

Written by KCOM Support on 22/03/2022. Posted in Broadband.

We don't currently supply broadband without a phone line. This line is either a fibre-optic cable (in the case of Lightstream/ultrafast broadband), or a copper cable (in the case of ADSL/standard broadband) - both of which require maintenance and support from us and are included as part of our service.

You're able to take broadband-only services without a phone package - for tariff details please visit our Broadband products page.

If you're taking broadband services with us but you don't have a phone line in your property, please contact us so that we can install one for you.


Moved to Lightstream?

If you've had fibre installed and you still have microfilters plugged into your phoneline, these can be removed as you no longer need them.

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