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How do I release an email from the KCOM spam filter?

Written by KCOM Support on 23/03/2022. Posted in Broadband.

As part of providing email addresses to all of our customers, we also use a spam filter that helps to block spam emails from coming through to your inbox. This is known as the KCOM spam filter.

Rarely, you may notice that an email you need hasn't come through as it's been captured by our spam filter. To get this email back, you can log into the spam filter.

If an email has been marked as spam and placed in the spam filter incorrectly, you can transfer these emails to your inbox following the instructions below. You can also report this by emailing to investigate why the email was marked as spam incorrectly.


Something to note

The email address automatically passes the email to the spam client to investigate why the email has been captured.

Accessing your KCOM spam filter

To access the KCOM spam filter, go to

Viewing email held in your KCOM spam filter

  1. Once you've opened the KCOM spam filter, you need to log in. Enter your KCOM email address for the username and then your password and then select Login.
  2. You'll now see a list of any emails the spam filter has captured. To release an email into your inbox, tick the box next to the email you want. You now need to change the drop down menu at the bottom left to Release and then select Submit.
  3. The emails you selected will now be in your inbox.

Something to note

Future emails from the same address may still be captured by the quarantine. Following the instructions above only releases that one email.

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