A sure-fire way to tell how good your broadband is, is how often the kids complain.

Any buffering of the latest YouTube video, slow streaming on Netflix or slow reaction times on the  Xbox and you’re guaranteed to know about it.

Luckily for Roger Haywood, the complaints have stopped since he had KCOM’s ultrafast fibre broadband installed.

“The kids haven’t whinged once about the internet since we had the fibre put in, which tells its own story,” says Roger. “When you’ve got streaming TVs, YouTube, the Xbox and PlayStation all going at the same time, you need reliable broadband, and when everything just works, everyone’s happy.

“The big difference now is that we don’t get any buffering on the TV when we’re streaming on things like Netflix. It’s 100 per cent better than it used to be.”

IT project manager Roger, from Leconfield, East Yorkshire, says his 500Mbps Lightstream package had also revolutionised his ability to work remotely.

“Before with the old copper connection we were getting at best 15Mbps download, but on average eight to 10 and an upload speed of less than 1Mbps, which made working from home extremely difficult. On many occasions the use of a hot spot or turning off video on video meetings was needed, which defeats the objective of a video meeting.

“Having fibre installed has completely transformed my ability to do my job from home. I’m on a lot of calls and uploading and downloading big files and it’s just more reliable and faster now – the speeds are unrecognisable from what they were. It just makes life much easier.”

Using the Government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme, which funds fibre connection installations to rural areas, Roger had campaigned for full fibre to be rolled out to Leconfield for several years. He says joining forces with KCOM to access the voucher scheme has now unlocked the full fibre potential of Leconfield.

“The whole process from start to finish has been great. The voucher scheme was easy to do.

“The communication prior to the install was great and then the engineers on the day were spot on. They didn’t leave until everything was working exactly as it should be and the speeds are exactly what I was expecting. It’s been a wholly positive experience. I’d definitely recommend it.”

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