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My first bill is higher than I expected

Written by KCOM Support on 01/11/2022. Posted in Billing.

It's common that the first bill you receive after joining us is higher than the stated monthly amount you may have seen on our website. Here's why.

Why charges on your first bill are higher


The most common reason for your first bill being higher than normal, is due to the length of time you're being charged for, for example:

  • If your service starts on 18th March and we've agreed to send your bills on the 1st of each month, it means your first bill will arrive on 1st April.
  • The 1st April bill will charge you from your start date, 18th March, right up to the 30th April, in time for your next bill on 1st May.
  • Your 1st May bill will charge you from 1st May up to 31st May (one month) as normal. This will continue with subsequent bills.

Your first bill may also include activation and equipment charges, which will be itemised on your bill.

If you're still unsure about the cost of your bill or need further help, please visit our contact us page.


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