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Do you maintain my internal wiring?

Written by KCOM Support on 20/10/2022. Posted in Phone.

When we refer to internal wiring, we're talking about any wires inside your home that connect to your phone socket, or your devices. This could be wiring for extension phone sockets, or wiring to your router.

KCOM's responsibilityCustomer responsibility
Maintenance of the external phone line to your propertyMaintenance or repair of the master socket (NTE) inside your property if you cause damage to it
Maintenance of the master socket (NTE) inside your propertyMaintenance of an extension socket after the first 12 months of installation
Maintenance of an extension socket within the first 12 months of installationMaintenance or repair to any other internal wiring inside your property
Maintenance of the line if a fault developsMoving the master socket (NTE) to a different location

Fault on your phone line?

If you think that your phone line has developed a fault, please see here on how to carry out checks and how to contact our fault line.

Want to move your master socket?

If you'd like your main phone socket moving, we can do this for you at a cost of £120 (including VAT).

Unfortunately we can't move extension sockets, but if you would like us to move your main socket, please visit our contact us page.

This charge would be added to your next bill.

Want more phone sockets?

Installation of an additional telephone socket costs £90 (including VAT), with each additional socket costing an extra £30 (including VAT) thereafter.

If you'd like to arrange an installation, please visit our contact us page.

This charge would be added to your next bill and includes a year's warranty on the new socket.

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