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Preventing scam and nuisance calls

Written by KCOM Support on 29/05/2024. Posted in Phone.

This article provides information about what KCOM are doing to prevent scam and nuisance calls and also ways you can help prevent them.

  1. What are KCOM doing about scam and nuisance calls?
  2. What can we do for you?
    1. Network blocking of calls
    2. Your calling features
    3. Ex-Directory
    4. Silent Callgard
    5. Call blocking devices
  3. Other Helpful Tips
  4. Reporting Scam and Nuisance calls

What are KCOM doing about scam and nuisance calls?

Consumers, consumer bodies, trade organisations, communication providers (such as KCOM) and the Government all want to see action being taken to prevent nuisance and scam calls. However, communications providers have no enforcement powers to stop the callers' activities and must rely on the regulators (e.g. Ofcom) and law enforcement authorities (e.g. Police) taking action.

KCOM participates in industry wide discussions that aim to improve processes and set timelines for reducing the quantity of problem calls. We also actively share intelligence with other communications providers and use that information to limit the amount of nuisance and scam calls that reach our customers.

KCOM screen calls coming into our network from other communications providers. Calls are screened against various conditions and those that do not pass are prevented from reaching their destination. For example, a call would be blocked if a scammer tries to pretend they're using a phone number that has not been allocated for use by Ofcom. Our checks prevent hundreds of thousands of calls reaching customers in the Hull and East Yorkshire area every month.

KCOM has a Nuisance Calls Team in place that maintains the rules that our call blocking solution operates on. The team also reviews customer reported calls and analyses the traffic across our network to improve the solution; this includes the blocking of allocated numbers that are being misused when possible.

You can report a suspected nuisance or scam callers for our Nuisance Calls team to investigate at or via our contact us page.

You can also make a formal complaint about nuisance calls to authorities such as Ofcom and the Information Commissioners Office (the ICO). The Ofcom webpage here will advise you of the appropriate authority to contact based on the type of call you received.

For more information about dealing with nuisance calls, see the related article below or visit Ofcom's website at

What can we do for you?

Network blocking of numbers

Since 1st October 2018, KCOM have been blocking calls to and from any non-valid number.

A non-valid number is one that does not comply with the International Public Telecommunication Numbering Plan or, where a UK number is used, is not allocated in the National Numbering Scheme. We also block numbers that our Nuisance Calls team have investigated and identified as being nuisance or scam callers, some of which have been reported to us by our customers, and numbers advised to us by Ofcom.

Your calling features

We offer a wide range of features to help avoid scam and nuisance calls:
  • Reject Withheld Number makes sure any unidentified numbers never reach you
  • Withhold Number means your number remains private when calling people
  • Caller Display allows you to see who is calling before deciding to answer a call
If you wish to enable any of these features, please visit our contact us page.


By making your number Ex-directory, your phone number won't appear in any phone directory or 118 directory enquiry services. 

Silent Callgard

Silent Callgard is another free service which helps stop or reduce the number of silent, abandoned and recorded message calls you receive. You can opt you in to this service by calling the following free phone number 0800 954 9046.

Call Blocking Devices

There are a range of call blocking devices available that work with your existing phone to block a range of nuisance calls. The truCall call blocker (available via KCOM), blocks 98% of all scam and nuisance calls without your phone ever ringing. For more information about this device, please visit our contact us page.

Other helpful tips

  • Avoid giving your number on websites or competition forms, and make sure you check any marketing preferences from any website that you buy from.
  • Call the police if you receive any threatening, abusive or obscene phone calls
  • Keep existing service providers updated with how you like to be contacted
  • Don't call back anyone on numbers that you don't recognise, they could be fraudulent
  • Never give out personal details when answering the phone

Reporting Scam and Nuisance calls

You can report a suspected scam or nuisance by clicking here.  This link will take you to our online form which you can complete and submit direct to KCOM without the need to call us.

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