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Will my extension sockets work?

Written by KCOM Support on 03/03/2023. Posted in Phone.

Let's get your landline fibre ready


No. If you have extensions around the house, these will not work after you have moved to fibre.

Should you require your Extension sockets, you must speak with our One Network Team who will be able to go through your options with you.

Will my old phone handset work?

You may need to change your phone if it is a very old one and not compatible with the new system, for example, if it has an older style plug where it connects to the wall.

However, most digital handsets will work on fibre. If you have an older handset it is likely you will need to get a digital one.  However, if you need support please speak with us.

Textphones, such as those used by hearing-impaired customers, should work as before over a fibre network and we are working with the Hull Deaf Centre to test as much equipment as possible, although the quality of the call can be affected. If you have any concerns please contact your text phone provider.

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