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Your Calling features

Written by KCOM Support on 22/03/2022. Posted in Phone.

This article contains information about some of the features you can add to your phone line.

  1. Message Minder
  2. Reject withheld Numbers
  3. Caller Line Identity Barring

Message Minder

Message Minder is our premium call answering service that allows you to take messages without having to buy an answering machine, or new phones.

To take advantage of Message Minder, all you need is a phone that has * and # keys and is set to 'tone'. 'Tone' is also referred to as DTMF.

To check that your phone is set to tone/DTMF, pick up the receiver and press the number 4 three times. If you hear three short 'beeps', your phone is set correctly.

You may be able to alter your phone settings by a switch at the base or side of your phone.

Features of Message Minder

  • Call return facility
  • Remote retrieval of messages
  • Free retrieval of messages from home telephone
  • Voice control of mailbox functions
  • Skip forwards and backwards through your messages
  • Secure access to your mailbox via PIN
  • Set your own personal greeting
  • Records the time and date of each message
  • 'Always on' call answering service
  • Ring time settings
  • Out dial message notification
  • Empty call capture

Reject Withheld Numbers

If you've registered for Reject Withheld Numbers and a caller that has withheld their number calls you, your phone will not ring. Unless the calling party re-dials and releases their phone number by dialling 1470 first, they will not be connected.

We cannot guarantee that every number that's withheld will not connect to your phone line. Some callers will still be able to contact you. These calls tend to be from non-digital exchanges which include international calls and some mobile calls.

You should be aware that when you have Reject withheld Numbers activated on your line, it may prevent certain calls from being connected. For example, large organisations such as hospitals, police and doctors have their phone number blocked permanently for security reasons.

If a number is blocked and the caller is assisted by our Operator, the Operator may transfer the call to you. This type of call will not be rejected.

Call Line Identity Barring

Caller Line Identity barring (CLI) is a service which prevents your number being shown or released to the person you're calling and your number will appear as 'withheld'. This keeps your telephone number secure from those you don't wish to have it.

You can activate this on a call-by-call basis by dialling 141 before you enter the phone number you wish to dial. Alternatively, you can have CLI on you line permanently which can be activated by KCOM.

For those callers who have Reject Withheld Numbers on their line, you can release your number by dialling 1470 first. Your number will only be released to the person you're calling on that one occasion.

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